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Results page

When you search for a term on the Urban Archives site, your search results come from University of Washington Libraries. Because the Urban Archives collection is housed at the University of Washington, the results are displayed with the template their software provides. This is why the results page looks different from the rest of the

Navigating and using the result page:
The search result page was designed as a popup window so that it could be closed when you are done with it.

There are some specific features to be aware of when navigating the results page.

Viewing Results

Results may be viewed in a variety of ways, changeable from Preferences. To view an item within the search results, click on a thumbnail image or the hyperlinked text describing the item. Each letter below corresponds to a definition of that element.

A. Global Navigation
Global navigation for reviewing and browsing items in collections.

B. Select All, Clear All, Add to Favorites
Use these links to add items to My Favorites. Select All activates all the check boxes on the current page. Clear All removes all checks from the check boxes. To add items to CONTENTdm My Favorites, check the boxes next to the items you want (or click Select All to check all items on the page) and then click Add to Favorites. See My Favorites for more information.

C. Search Results
Displays the number of items in the collection that match your search criteria.

D. Search Again
Please do not use this option if you would like to search within Urban Archives again. Selecting this option returns you to the library’s Advanced Search page, which offers the functionality to search within Digital Collections. This search tool is considerably more complex than the Urban Archives search tool if your primary interest is to explore only the Urban Archives collection. We recommend that you close the results window and return to the Urban Archives search to execute your next search. Should you be interested in the other collections within the University of Washington Digital Collection, please visit their collection directory.

E. Page Navigation
If your search produces more results than can be displayed on a single page, click the hyperlinked page numbers to view other pages.

F. Previous and Next Page
If your search produces more results than can be displayed on a single page, click Next or Previous to view other results pages.

G. Check Boxes
Use the check boxes to add a selection of items to My Favorites within CONTENTdm, then click one of the links at the top and bottom of your search

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